David L. Colvin

CPA, CFP®, RLP®, Great Guy

David Colvin is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner® and a Registered Life Planner®.  He has lived in the Netherlands since 1998 and has focused his career on US-Dutch cross-border tax and financial planning, using a life planning based approach.

Throughout his time in the Netherlands, first as the practice leader for Ernst & Young’s US Tax Group, then as the co-founder and US Tax Partner for Taxpat BV, and currently at CLVN, David has been passionate about helping individuals with US and NL tax and financial planning issues.  He has worked with well over a thousand expats during his career.

His unique experience and dedication to helping people has positioned David as the highest level of expertise available for this unique group of individuals.


Founded 2010

CLVN is dedicated exclusively to helping clients with complex cross-border (US-NL) tax and financial issues. We use our life planning approach combined with extensive knowledge of this niche as the basis for helping our clients (and their other advisors) make smart, long-term financial decisions. We focus on the questions our clients are not asking as much or more than on the ones they are asking.

Since we work exclusively with this very specific niche, we are uniquely positioned to give our clients great advice that takes into account both sides of the equation.

We have a strict limit on the number of clients we work with, and do not offer hourly consulting services, so our clients are always the number one priority.  Our clients always have direct contact with the highest-level expert, you won’t be passed down to a lower-level staff after the initial meeting.