Tax Tips for US Citizens Living in the Netherlands

Is Exercising in 2010 Your Best “Option”?

If you have stock options that have vested, or will vest in 2010, you may be tempted to exercise these options in 2010 since the top US tax rate is 35%, rather than wait until 2011, when the top tax rate is potentially going to increase to 39.6% Conventional advisors...

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Offshore Pension Basics

Many expats end up with a bit of savings while living outside the US. In addition, moving around to different countries and working for many different companies can leave expats feeling left out (or at least confused) when it comes to pension plans and social security...

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Is a Foreign Mortgage Worth the Risk?

Anyone who has asked me knows I am no fan of investing in real estate in (Western) Europe at the moment. One of the biggest risks I see (aside from the fact that real estate prices have not "corrected" yet in many cities) is a little-known IRS law concerning taking...

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