I have had many questions in the past about whether or not owing taxes will result in you being denied entry to the US.  My answer has always been that as a US citizen you have a right to enter the US, and only if you had already been found criminally liable and there was a warrant out for your arrest would this be an issue.  However, according to the Wall Street Journal (as quoted in the Time magazine article linked here), the bigger issue might be that you can’t get a (renewed) passport to enter the US, which you need even as a US citizen.  It seems the IRS has already identified 362,000 Americans to put on their “naughty” list. Fortunately this only applies to people who owe more than $51,000.  If this applies to you, renewing your passport is probably only one of many worries… For the full article click here:  http://time.com/money/5331714/irs-taxes-passport/