How we work

CLVN is an independent cross-border tax and financial advisor, and a supplemental advisor to our clients’ other advisors. We do not claim to be an expert in all areas, but we do have more comprehensive knowledge than any other firm we are aware of when it comes to integrating the US and Dutch tax and financial planning systems.

Due to our unique niche focus, high service element, and low turnover of existing clients, we need to be very selective when choosing our clients.  We work with a maximum of 40 clients. Our business model is based on keeping things small and personal, we want to ensure that each client gets the best service possible.

We surround ourselves with the best professionals we can find to help our clients, and we can also work directly with the advisors you already have in place. CLVN is not an “Investment Advisor”. We do not recommend specific investments or manage assets, but we do help you and/or your trusted advisor(s) in this area make smart decisions, always with the cross-border implications taken into account.

We set our fees for each client at a level which provides value and transparency for their specific situation. These fees are fixed and determined up front, there are no surprises. We generally have a fixed fee for the preparation of your US and Dutch tax returns, plus an overall advisory fee based on the complexity of your situation and your assets (generally 0.25% of assets). Our minimum fee is EUR 25,000 (ex VAT) per calendar year.

Our clients

In general, clients that we can help the most have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • US citizens with Dutch spouses/partners and/or dual national (US-NL) children
  • US citizens living in, planning to live in and/or with permanent or long-term ties to the Netherlands
  • Dutch citizens and/or dual national (US-NL) couples living in the US who intend to ultimately return to the Netherlands
  • Assets exceeding € 10M and/or income exceeding € 1M/yr
  • Individuals who are, or will be at some point, subject to “Box 3” tax in the Netherlands (Dutch tax on savings and investments)
  • Individuals who need to consider both US and Dutch Gift and Estate (Succession) Tax implications


“I have known David Colvin since 1998, when he was working for Ernst & Young.  As a Canadian national, (former) US greencard holder, and Dutch resident, my tax situation has been and continues to be very complex.  David has always been there for me when I needed him, and has given me great advice throughout the years.” 
– Veronique Holbrook, Holbrook Associates Limited (Former VP of European Distribution Operations for Seagate Technology)

“I have lived in the Netherlands since 2000, and my tax situation has always been complicated.  David has been my advisor the entire time I have lived in the Netherlands, guiding me through purchasing a home, marrying a non-US national, structuring my investments for cross-border efficiency and dealing with the loss of my 30% ruling.  I also travel frequently, so I don’t have a lot of time to focus on these issues.  It gives me great peace of mind knowing that David is keeping an eye on my tax and financial affairs.
– Brian Vosloh, Vice President, Chubb Specialty Insurance

“I am extremely pleased to have found David Colvin to help me with my tax and financial matters.  I’ve worked with David for many years now and his expert guidance and knowledge of U.S. and international tax laws has literally changed my life.  I don’t know what I would do without him!”
– Scott Johnston, International PR Manager, TomTom NV

“I have been a very happy client of Dave’s since 2001.  His expertise, attention to detail and ethical standards are of the very highest caliber.  Over the years, his knowledge of the tax laws and my personal situation have saved me bundles of money.  Being an expat means walking through a tax minefield – CLVN is the firm you can trust with your tax and financial affairs.”
– Gabe Marino, Amsterdam

“Dave has been my advisor since 2004, first at Taxpat, now at CLVN. He has demonstrated to me time and again that he actually does care about me and my personal and financial welfare. By combining this concern for his clients with his unique expertise in the cross-border issues between the US and the Netherlands, as well as his interest and ability to look at broader financial issues and the big picture, his advice is absolutely invaluable to me. He has saved me a lot of tax money over the years. I have come to view his – in my view unique, personal and trustworthy – services as an investment that I can’t afford not to make!”
– Meredith Perry, Amsterdam

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